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Garage Door Repair Services In Belleville IL

When your garage door refuses to open and close, or has become off-balanced, it’s time to call our technicians at Precise Garage Door in Belleville, IL. Our experts have several years of experience repairing garage doors, tracks, springs, and other mechanics for residential clients throughout southern Illinois. Regardless of the brand, style, or design of your garage doors, our experts will inspect the entire system to identify the issue all while working within your budget. Don’t let your garage door put a damper on your daily routine, trust our repair specialists to have your garage door repaired in no time.

To learn more about our garage door repair services, keep reading below or give us a call at 314.926.0891 and request an estimate on any of our specialties.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Probably one of the most used parts of your garage door system is the springs. These heavy-duty springs are responsible for raising and lowering your garage door when pressing the mounted or handheld opener. When the spring on your garage door stops working, it could be for numerous reasons from standard wear and tear to years of rust buildup. If this is the case for your garage door, call Precise Garage Door in Belleville, IL. We specialize in spring repair services for garage doors of all styles and designs on residential properties.

A simple way to tell if the spring is the cause of your garage door issue is by pressing the garage door opener and hearing the mechanics trying to raise or lower it, but no movement is present. 

Another way to tell if the spring needs replacing is if your garage door is not balancing properly. Regardless of the reason, give our technicians a call and we’ll come out for a spring repair service.

Garage Door Cable Repair

The cables on your garage door are an essential part of the system that makes it safe for you to open and close without it falling off track. If you notice that your garage door is squeaking, shaking, or having a hard time operating, these are sure signs that your cables need to be replaced. When your garage door cables are cracked or broken, contact Precise Garage Door for cable repair services on your residential property in Belleville, IL. Not replacing your garage door cable can make the entire system inoperable and unsafe for your family and vehicles. 

To avoid an emergency, schedule a service with our technicians today. We’ll give you an estimate before servicing your garage door and have it up and running properly in no time. Call 314.926.0891 today!

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Every modern garage door is accompanied by a garage door opener. This convenient button is installed usually on one of the walls of your garage and is connected to the mechanisms that raise and lower your garage door whenever and however much you need it. So what happens when your opener stops working properly? Unfortunately, this could mean that your garage door is stuck in its current position until a professional can identify the issue. At Precise Garage Door, our experienced repair specialists will conduct numerous tests to determine what is causing your garage door opener to fail.

Everything from the photo eyes and wall console to the power outlet will be examined to determine what is causing your opener to lack power. Once discovered, our team will provide an immediate repair service so that you can go on about your day. Call now at 314.926.0891 for garage door opener repair services for your Belleville, IL property.

Get your unbalanced garage door on the right track with EXPERT garage door repair services in the Metro East.

Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage door rollers are what connect your door to the set of tracks that is installed on the ceiling of your garage. Without functioning rollers, your garage door would fail to open and close, making the entire system inoperable. Whether it’s gradual wear and tear or too much weight has made the rollers snap, our technicians at Precise Garage Door are here to help. We offer garage door roller repair services for residential properties in Belleville, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Our specialists will inspect your rollers to make sure they are what’s causing your garage door to fall off track and repair them in a single visit to ensure the safety of your home. 

Trust our local professionals to restore the rollers on your garage door before any other failure arises.

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Garage Door Track Repair

The garage door track is essentially the spine of your entire system. It attaches to every part of your garage door from the springs and cables to the rollers that raise and lower the door. When your track stops working, your door will be unable to operate, causing a major halt in your daily routine. At Precise Garage Door in Belleville, IL, our technicians have the equipment, products, and experience necessary to repair your garage door track before it causes any more harm.

When our team arrives, we’ll make sure the track isn’t too loose to cause immediate concern and begin inspecting the system to find the cause of the malfunction. 

We work on all brands of garage doors and guarantee to have yours up and running as quickly as possible. Call 314.926.0891 to schedule a garage door track repair service today.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Did you accidentally back into your garage door? Are a few of your garage door panels damaged due to years of use? If your garage panels are affecting the curb appeal of your home, our specialists at Precise Garage Door in Belleville, IL offer garage door panel replacement services. Instead of replacing the entire door which can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars, simply replace one or several of the panels to make your garage door look brand new.

It’s no secret that your garage doors can handle daily wear and tear; unfortunately, years of repetitive use and lack of maintenance can make it impossible for your panels to stay in quality condition. Replacing your panels is a great solution if your doors are sagging, peeling, cracking, or have dents from small fender benders. 

Whatever the cause, call our technicians at 314.926.0891 to talk about efficient and affordable garage door panel replacement services.  Contact us today. 

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