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Emergency Garage Door Services Belleville IL

If you notice that your garage door suddenly won’t open or close, there could be several reasons for this malfunction that require assistance from a professional technician. At Precise Garage Door in Belleville, IL our garage door specialists offer emergency garage door repair and replacement services when you need them most. Whether it’s the garage door opener that needs to be replaced or a more complex issue with the tracks and rollers, our technicians have years of experience restoring the efficiency of garage doors in southern Illinois. Residential garage doors are complex systems that have many small parts and gears that all need to work together or else the entire structure crumbles. A failed motor, broken photo-eye sensor, or dent in the door itself all affect the movement and functioning of your garage door.

 If you notice loud noises when trying to open your door or a complete lack of movement from all mechanisms, give our experts a call immediately. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

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Maintaining Your Garage Door

Just like any other mechanical system, your garage door must be maintained to last the recommended lifespan of anywhere from 15-30 years. Average garage door maintenance includes frequent visual inspections, cleaning, minor repairs, and professional maintenance services on a yearly basis. If you notice that your garage door doesn’t seem to have any visual malfunctions but refuses to open or close, give our technicians a call at 314.926.0891 and we’ll provide a detailed inspection and restoration service. To avoid emergency maintenance on your garage door, follow these expert maintenance tips:

Check the Rollers & Tracks

The rollers and tracks on your garage door are two of the most important parts that control the functioning of the door system. To maintain your garage door, be sure to keep both the tracks and rollers clean, giving them a brush with a broom or handheld tool frequently to keep them operating efficiently.

Make Sure All Hardware is Tight

Having loose hardware is one of the easiest ways to damage your garage door. To keep it maintained properly, make sure all screws, bolts, and brackets are kept tight to the tracks to avoid damaging your garage door. If your hardware needs to be replaced, give our technicians a call at 314.926.0891.

Check the Door Balance

If the balance of your garage door is off, it will be impossible for it to open and close properly. To prevent this from happening, we recommend paying attention to the quality of your garage door springs and replacing them when necessary to keep the balance of your door in check.

Always Handle Minor Issues

Minor issues are expected with every major appliance or system operating in your home. Make sure to handle minor issues such as maintaining the appearance of your garage door to keep it running efficiently for years to come. From water damage to rust, outside elements can affect the quality of your garage door if not maintained.

How to Know When There’s An Issue With Your Garage Door

Garage doors are something that most homeowners don’t think about daily, that is until it stops working properly. A garage door is something you use as frequently as any other appliance in your home, which means it’s bound to break or require repair at some point in its long lifespan. Precise Garage Door specializes in emergency garage door services for residential properties in Belleville, IL. If you’re wondering whether your garage door requires emergency assistance from our technicians, here are several issues that let you know its time to contact a professional:

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How Precise Garage Door Can Help

Precise Garage Door has several years of experience providing emergency garage door repair and replacement services for homeowners in Belleville, IL. Whether the cable mechanics on your attached garage door have snapped or the door has dislodged from the track, you need access to professionals that can restore the issue at all hours of the day. Our technicians have seen it all when it comes to malfunctioning garage doors. To fix the issue you’re experiencing, give us a call at 314.926.0891 and we will send a technician over to inspect the issue. Our emergency vehicles are stocked with the tools, parts, and mechanics necessary to restore the function and safety of your garage door. 

From cable and roller replacement to repairing the door springs, you can rely on Precise Garage Door to keep your home protected with our emergency garage door services.